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  • Throw away the stinky shoes to start this 7 pairs to get your fashionable year

    Home shoes piled mountains, but do not know every day to go out to wear a pair, this is not everyone's common trouble? For the year to buy a list of shoes have to plan a lot, in fact, 7 pairs of shoes a year will be able to make you fashionable year, do not spend extra money to concave modeling, to know the shoes is also an important representative of the identity of a man The White shoes, rubber shoes soles, high wear resistance, from the 80s began to pop. Today, in the design with a thick base height, shoe ring changes, to create a new visual effect of a pair of white shoes is the most important thing to maintain its clean cleanliness, dazzling wild shoes, can be said to be men's shoes in the Preferred! Casual full of white shoes, whether it is with a suit jacket, T-shirt and jeans mix and match, or leather, fur cap for pants, can become the focus of the overall eye.

    Retro trend nike clearance design has been one of the elements of the unbeaten trend. Retro shoes running shoes more slender, suitable for all nike air max women kinds of body type. Put it on, flew to see the effect of long legs, and casual with a pair of jeans can look good type! Shoes is not only in the sports time to put on, weekdays casual wear ride, mix and match jeans, thin material shorts is also a good choice! As the shoes used leather material, the relative will be more durable than cloth shoes. Whether it is formal occasions can be mixed with the suit, casual wear can also be used with shorts for the ride. Nine length of the suit pants exposed ankle, can increase the overall proportion, to enhance the slender visual effects. Foot full of glossy shoes, better set off its perfect gentleman texture. Lok Fu shoes is a kind of shoelace, and good wear off the shoes, features from both sides of the saddle across the upper leather belt, or add a simple rich design of the metal buckle. Both simple and without losing formal wear should be organized, walk in the casual and formal edge, is the European men's shoes in the important shoes. Le Fu shoes and other shoes the biggest difference is that it is not the shackles of shoelaces, easy to wear, you can immediately go out. Suit jacket and jeans to take a casual atmosphere, anti-fold pants, revealing a little instep, even more overall sense of hierarchy. Select the suit jacket, the biggest focus is to pay attention to nike store the overall fit, fit shoulder line, clothes and neat cut off the car side, in order to make the body hold up, so that the upper body more worth seeing, mix and match shorts, Department of Le Fu shoes, to create a yuppie will be men LOOK! One of the biggest features of Oxford shoes is a closed flap, the side of the wings to extend forward into a part of the upper, when tied with a shoelace, the wings will be close together as a whole piece of upper, and elegant Of the shoe type and contour, is absolutely zero NG gentleman shoes preferred. To blue as the background, with different materials to put together the sense of leisure will be modeling. Wearing a linen suit jacket, blue knitted shirt, stiff material jeans, coupled with caramel gradually graded Oxford shoes, and plastic frame glasses, mix out a good "blue" people's book flavor. Derby shoes is a style with an open flap style shoes, and Oxford shoes is the biggest difference between the upper side of the shoe lace, Derby shoes wings and the tail of the tail is not connected with the tongue for the two-stage shoes Face design.

    2017-08-22 11:03:26
  • To sports but also fashion, sports life fitness trend!

    With the city movement has gradually become a fashion lifestyle label, more and more women began to join the ranks, especially in the riding, marathon, yoga these popular projects. However, in these new life schedule, a breathable and comfortable professional equipment, absolutely let you in the process of exercise fitness to enjoy the beauty! The best thing to exercise, not just the physical changes, but you find that because of insistence and let impossible things possible, is the soul of the greatest gains and satisfaction. Everyone who loves sports and lives healthy people are not bad skin. The reason is that exercise can enhance the body's metabolism and make it more regular. Although lazy always occupy our will, but in order to better the body and body, small partners who quickly put their own fitness program on the agenda it. Not everyone can become a goddess, cosmetics can not keep the youth, but the movement black nike shoes and fresh fruits and vegetables can help you "frozen age", not to take the man is a subtext, as the movement to maintain the tension of youth forever. Seven sleeves fitness exercise three-piece loose loose three-piece, side open incision, showing exquisite waist, moisture breathable, sports Slim, zero bound. Fashion was thin crawler fitness pants, quick dry breathable. Fabric color firm, elastic anti-wrinkle, moisture breathable.

    Five sleeves three sets of yoga clothes soft and comfortable fitness yoga clothes three-piece, fashion temperament, filling the waist, close skin, self-cultivation comfortable, zero bound. Fashion waist slit, was thin sexy, breathable skin. Version of the comfortable sports pants, compact and soft, shaped, zero bound. Loose quick running sports suit dazzling red and black stitching, the formation of visual impact, wild leisure fashion version, quick and clean, enjoy the youthful atmosphere. Mesh design, breathable effect, slightly small sexy. Hood design, rate of free and easy, more sporty. Professional anti-shock sports sexy suit ultra-elastic nike running shoes fabric to prevent chest swing strain, to avoid permanent sagging! Breathable dry no sweat, stovepipe hip can help muscle quickly air max 90 recover! The back of the vest is the grid, the pants also have the grid design, the elastic level bar, the stick bar da! Obviously thin running suit two sets of design, wild solid color two pieces of leggings modified legs, piercing the big legs, more fashion, soft and comfortable, anti-light. Generous neat and unique cut, not only to make clothes more type, but also let the movement revealed your gas field. Fashion sports net yarn blouse suit fashion network design, breathable ball, sexy charm. Delicate three-dimensional cut vest, Slim was thin not tight, showing a graceful posture woman High waist foldable pants, selected high-quality fabrics, comfortable skin-friendly, with more casual sex. Sports bra running three-piece trouser legs of the irregular arcs, very nike shoes sale design sense, and the visual was thin, hidden a hidden sexy. Loose version of the big hat, thin breathable neck. Four dancing bow down in the footsteps, so that you exercise more light. The design of the bar code is more prominent fashion sense, soft fabric lining a small vest, containing chest pad, U collar bent out of the curve just right. Black and white pants with white waist design, echoed with the shirt, cover belly was thin.

    2017-08-21 10:56:40
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  • Early autumn new women's shoes, fashion age was skin white, so elegant temperament queen
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