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  • Girls have five kinds of shoes, you into a few pieces?

    Girls in the closet is not always a lack of clothes, but also always less a pair of their own nike free run very satisfied with the shoes, and everyone's demand for shoes is not the same, but the classic style is never too much Oh , The following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce each girl should have five pairs of shoes it! Small white shoes to wear comfortable and easy to match clothes and was loved by people, almost all age-level girls can easily control the living, and although the style of a single, but simple classic style is popular by the majority of female consumers love, And the street shot is really very feel, but also highlights the legs of the lines, it seems straight and slim, more cute cute! Whether it is jeans, wide leg pants or trousers can easily with the match, its function really won the people love. British Fan children have been romantic and elegant to win people's appreciation, and the British shoes themselves feel the temperament of the other shoes can not be replaced, although it is not very high at the end and the shoe body, but it can be very good lengthening the legs Lines, keep the legs slim state of feeling, fashion and durable, and the production of shoes is also more soft and comfortable material, texture is very good, to give his feet silky care. With what can show a strong sense of vision.

    Sometimes we will attend some of the nike store more formal occasions, so high heels is essential shoes, and we wear in the feet will be more elegant posture, and nude color will be more refined sense of elegance, elegant and elegant feeling Vividly in the field of vision, in the nike shoes men formal occasions to show their own decent side, and to a certain extent, elongated leg lines, highlight the vibrant sense of elegance! With a very feminine skirt is unique charm. Le Fu shoes has been known for comfortable and soft, suitable for shopping and other occasions to wear, because of its high comfort, it will not show the feeling of tired feet, and the appearance of most rounded and refined, the classic shape does not seem out of date people Favored, worn on the feet was very full of feeling. Exquisite shoe body wearing a very sensual sense of the foot, and the shoes version of very wide, for the foot type has a good shape effect, simple atmosphere of the British wind show their own atmosphere, and the material soft and comfortable, very comfortable feet, Will not have the feeling of grinding feet, just the length of the length of the legs can be very good elongated lines, very significant body.

    The atmosphere of simple rough with the boots can be a good modification of the leg lines, while elegant and stylish, retro chic design cruel ah texture, but also bring out their own unique charm, the root of the design so that their walking more robust, enhanced Aesthetics, walking without pressure. Simple and elegant high-heeled boots, wearing a very sensual texture on the feet, and the use of two-layer suede elaborate production, showing a delicate and delicate texture, durable and wearable, rubber material sole with thick design with more The ultimate simplicity, while the feet more stable, full of personality. Fresh and elegant small white shoes, simple shoes highlight the sense of youthful vitality, and its soft texture, the feet are very soft and comfortable, showing a non-general feeling, and after the help of the background of the color makes the overall simple but not monotonous , Girls feel full. Elegant and simple nude color high heels, the feet new nike shoes are very comfortable and natural, the classic design of the more sharp legs of the lines, inside the comfortable Rouran, give the feet comfortable experience, the root just right, so that the legs more slender, add personal Unique and elegant gas field, full of flavor.

    2017-10-31 10:14:53
  • Wearing high heels, one night cheap nike shoes change the goddess

    Become the goddess of the road seems to be particularly hard, a lot of girls feel to be all eight straightforward to get a true goddess, it is not true, as long as wearing a pair of high heels, show your tall and straight posture and charming self-confidence, Seconds to become lebron 13 goddess. Shiny pair of ankle boots, patent leather material makes it look particularly shining fashion tide range of children, wear on nike free 5.0 the feet can definitely lead to a very high concern. This pair of boots is used in the deep dark blue, attractive at the same time not too high-profile; thick with a thick waterproof platform, was high at the same time better to go. Very feminine an ankle boots, this pair of boots is a little touch of pink, elegant temperament at the same time without losing the lovely girl feeling. Thin heel and pointed toe echo each other, capable and full of gas field, winter wear such a pair of boots, is definitely a beautiful scenery. Very an OL ankle boots, this pair of boots uppers are used to restore the rich flavor of the suede material, ankle part of the stitching a little leather, elegant and charming yet a sense of handsome feeling, giving a impression of the workplace beauty The Want to become the workplace goddess, these pairs of boots absolutely recommended.

    Matte material of the ankle boots, a temperament of the retro feel on the feet is also an absolute out of the street weapon. This pair of boots in the ankle there is a gold-plated metal ring decorated decoration, so that dull boots have a bright feeling, very much aspect. Street shoot magazine regulars, these boots can be said to be a lot of star network red and fashion up to the heart of the bar of the bar. Elastic socks material nike outlet online can be a good outline of your foot curve, personal and breathable, whether it is with a long pants or short skirts, are full of street tool. With a little red feeling red wine ankle boots, exudes a strong feminine atmosphere. Small and delicate lines and design, to fit the curve of your footsteps wrapped, full of elegance and charming. Metal heel design is to make these boots have a full bright spot.

    2017-10-27 10:13:40
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