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  • Did not expect flat shoes so wear, but also higher than high heels!

    Dressed as high as high, good body is not as good as a good proportion. High heels though , but the wear is really tired enough. In order to increase, many people wear wedge heels, or thick shoes, but these two shoes design is indeed hard to say, giving a bulky feeling, want to wear nice and fashionable, it is too difficult. Choose a pair of high flat shoes is a secret, the key depends on the color of shoes, vamp design and shoe type. Grasp the three tips, do not want to be high is difficult! Shallow shoes are generally cheap nike shoes thinner than the deep shoes are also stitching section of the flat shoes, the color is similar to the left side of the grass fisherman shoes on the right side of the ballet shoes are high, ballet shoes than the fisherman shoes exposed feet more, forming a Visual scalability, in general, the more exposed the more exposed the foot surface. Recently the fire of the exposed heels, from the side to see, such as Mueller shoes than the heel of the shoes even more high was thin, but also the truth, the more exposed feet, the better the ductility, the more leg lines longer.

    Recently popular banding shoes, strap width, area also affect the visual effects of shoes. Too much cumbersome rough straps are not as fine as the straps look long. Flat shoes to be high, nikes on sale but also with the overall to help, if the match is not good, how you choose the shoes were high, it is useless! With the principle and purpose of only one, is to let the lower body was significantly thin If your legs are not very good, there are calf muscles such as leg problems, then the best to wear the longer the better. Loose pants can avoid weaknesses, appropriate exposed ankle, is also very high. all black nike shoes Style simple and clean trousers, than the fancy design can show legs longer. Wear a long skirt, then do not choose and land, so cover the flat shoes, was high no sense. The best length just to the ankle, both to cover the flesh of the legs, but also to reveal part of the skin, but also full of skirt elegant sense. If your legs are good enough to be fine enough, then you can wear short skirts, shorts, as many as possible legs, flat shoes to further lengthen the leg lines, the maximum degree of long legs.

    High waist is the lower body of the key is high, there is no high waist, it is likely to five five points, even if it is supermodel, in such a match, but also not a good figure, high heels can nike store not save. s

    2017-09-22 11:14:18
  • Fresh arts and lace shoes, school wind walking

    As lazy shoes to facilitate leisure, as high-heeled shoes elegant knowledge, as shoes and handsome simple, lace shoes have their own unique charm. It is not a layer of tape bound by the fresh campus wind, comes with a sense of literature. nike discount store A pair of small fresh lace sandals, what will be able to bring you back to school time, can not help but miss the days before wearing canvas shoes. It can be more temper than the canvas shoes, youth and lovely with a mature taste. Round design is very cute cute, PU material with a trace of British style, very texture. Put on a line with the Department of literature and art of a lace shoes, coupled with the tube socks are also particularly harmonious. Black classic atmosphere, brown retro look good, and apricot fresh and natural, each with style. The color is particularly fresh a round lace shoes, the campus full of wind. Superfine fiber material soft and comfortable, white belt is a cheap nikes sense of embellishment, very wild simple style. Inside the material selection is a small flower pad feet, originality, full of literary sense.

    Autumn and winter time, wear boots is no better. Both good and warm and warm, and this tie boots do not like wool boots so heavy, loose cake at the end of the design can well protect the soles of the feet. Delicate scrub leather, soft cashmere, sand color and army green to bring you warm literary atmosphere. Sweet and lovely, but also with a deep sense of retro. Whether it is fresh girl cheap nike shoes wind or retro modern Fan, it is a good choice. Lace look youthful playful, slope with round head and very ladies. Taking into account the winter will wear cold, the seller also specially launched a plus paragraph is not super carefully. Inside the artificial short plush to bring you nike shop a thick sense of warmth, excellent warm effect. Matte fabric is very texture, coupled with the style of Martin boots handsome and simple. Lace is added a trace of fresh girl feeling, is a good combination of the two. A change in the impression with the usual round with the shoes, this shoe with a pointed design, unique style. With a trace of the meaning of maturity, while the lace style and yet young girl lovely. Can be described as girls gradually transition to women, there is no abrupt and contradictory.

    Have a girl's heart of a shoe, the color is particularly gentle, shallow powder and a touch of gray gives a sweet feeling. The first layer of pig skin with a top-level craft to create a delicate feel, plum-shaped beef tendon at the end of both comfortable and beautiful. The fine handmade fine line design reflects the natural flavor. Seemingly simple mass models have their own characteristics and highlights, into the current popular fight color elements to create a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional. Soft and comfortable rubber floor, inside the short plush fabric for you to catch the winter cold, accompany you will be every step of the warmth. Especially a stylish four seasons wild lace with thick shoes, increased significantly thin, well modified foot type, small and lovely. With shorts trousers, short skirts are very taste skirt. Soft and comfortable inside the dry and breathable, there is a good shock effect, the winter is intimate plus cashmere models.

    2017-09-21 11:08:14
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