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  • Can be fresh, sports shoes, I canvas shoes

    As we all know, both domestic and foreign, canvas shoes are always a fashion army in a place. And it also has a large number of surrounded, especially the student era, the basic must have a pair of canvas shoes. Plain noodle shoes, although there is no nice appearance, but the wild effect, but hundred percent tough! At any time with the moment to play out of the fashion skill is definitely better than you think! Seemingly simple canvas shoes, in fact, there are styles of points, high and low to help, lace, a pedal and so on. What are you waiting for? Hurry out of your shoes in the pair of canvas shoes out, fashionable and easy to meet immediately coming to the summer bar. Classic low to help canvas shoes, simple design, eye-catching and stylish, put on the feet, comfortable and soft, emitting a full college atmosphere. Once Xiaobian will deliberately dirty the new black nike shoes canvas shoes dirty, so old feeling that with what style is just right. The toe of the graffiti is the biggest highlight of this pair of canvas shoes, full of fun, but also very attractive, all of a sudden to seize the people's eyes, shoes, wear more light, breathable, so that you can keep Wearing comfort. Canvas shoes a circle of Mark line decoration a little retro taste, toe with a little bend and waves, are simple but more nike free popular elements. Recommended black, the most obvious Mark line, other colors to see personal favorite, like to buy buy to buy.

    Canvas shoes compared to the previous style has more small fresh style, delicate shoes can make your feet more slender. High-quality canvas fabric, in the summer can breathable sweat, will not feel oppressed. Not only kobe 11 with jeans good-looking, even skirt also have different temperament. High canvas shoes style than the low to help the tide is more cool, in the hot summer, you can also use it as a substitute for boots. Not only highly similar, more comfortable than the cortex boots. cheap nike sneakers Classic high-top canvas shoes, vamps with high-quality canvas fabric, soles are three times the end of vulcanized rubber, non-slip wear. With, whether it is leisure school wind or sweet fresh wind, but also easy to control. In the hot summer, pedal a pair of red classic high canvas shoes, with T-shirts and hot pants can wear clothing fashionable and relaxed feeling! Put on the playful skirt exposed thighs, will let you have a moment to return to the feeling of youth! It is true that many people now pursue more and more gorgeous shoes, but canvas shoes simple and nostalgic temperament and its ultra-wild style has been let it in the fashion circle status can not be shaken. When we remember their youth years, a pair of canvas shoes is always one of the best match.

    2017-05-22 11:13:38
  • 2017 women's fashion with artifacts, small white shoes magical effect

    In recent years, holes in the jeans became fashionable fine of the new darling, not only has a retro feminine, and can modify the legs. Small white shoes with a pair of jeans to wear a style of mix and match the charm of the body for the elegant style into a sense of leisure street. Pipe pants do not pick the legs do not pick people, comes with neutral tough ability, with a small white lebron james shoes shoes to wear and then fit. Low-key combination of the body, to create a simple sense of hierarchy. However, the summer is the most common match is T-shirt and denim shorts, plus a pair of small white shoes, highlight the youthful vitality, relaxed and simple. How can the summer and summer season sultry skirt, all kinds of skirts for you to create a different style, so you free to switch between sweet and elegant, mix and match the small white shoes to LOOK more young.

    When you have a pair of small white shoes, is not found a cheap nike shoes small white shoes have a drawback, it discount nike shoes is too easy to dirty, no matter what the fabric of small white shoes, as long as a dirty is difficult to clean, and sometimes wear For a long time there are ugly yellow stains, today to teach you some way to clean small white shoes, so that your small white shoes easily washed white! Now happens to be the summer, there should be a lot of family there will be the existence of talcum powder, talcum powder I can not stop prickly heat, for the prevention of small white shoes stains helpful Oh, if you want to become dirty before the shoes, Can be coated on the upper layer of talcum powder, because the effect of talc, can effectively prevent the dust fell on the upper, every time spit all black nike shoes a time to ensure that your small white shoes lasting white. Toothpaste should be the way the masses often used, but it is also because the effect is good, is more consumption of toothpaste, but everyone in the dry white write time to pay attention to the above with a thick layer of paper, so white Shoes will not be silver luminescence and yellow hair, and you will find through the paper bag shoes, shoes, but also much more than before Oh!

    2017-05-20 11:21:34
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