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  • How to determine the advantages and disadvantages of shoes?

    With the improvement of quality of life and the transformation of aesthetic concepts, pay more attention to their own image of the men more and more men in the increasingly popular shoes, first in the political and entertainment circle was celebrities, stars are favorable, after nike outlet the rapid spread to the general public , Whether it is on the people who are not tall, or has been considered high but still eager to behave in front of the "higher" groups, more and more on the increase in favor of shoes. Demand gave birth to the market, the current market there are many within the shoe brand, how to identify and choose it?

    According to the industry, can be identified from the following several aspects of the advantages and disadvantages of shoes: 1, whether the professional production by the professional factory is in addition to the increase in addition to the increase in the core requirements of the shoe, to be comfortable, the need for a strong R & D team And the professional support of the production team.

    2, whether the design of high-level design and materials stress ????

    Increased layer is the core parts of the increase in shoes, the quality of its quality is critical. How to Jinchang, by their own factory professionals and medical experts jointly developed products, imported polyether material, with light, soft, tough, good flexibility and other characteristics, never deformation, never subsidence, compared to other increased Shoes cheap EVA material, quality ahead of the lead. Their special enhancement layer design fine, according to the "human foot structure principle" and "human walking foot mechanics principle", 15o scientific curve, 100% fit foot bone, different from non-professional increase shoes a model with six Code of the practice of shoes, has always insisted on each style of each shoe are equipped with the only corresponding increase in the layer, the intention to create the most comfortable. Poor high-heeled shoes are mostly hardened mats, and some are just just in the heel of the heights, not the whole palm pad high, no scientific curvature, but also the quality of life, but off, wear a long time will subsidence, which led to wearing not only not Comfortable, nor healthy.

    3, whether the fabric is high-grade ???? This is actually the same with ordinary shoes, mainly to see how their own materials used in shoes, especially within the increase in the selection of shoes is particularly important, directly related to the comfort and life of shoes, good Of the increase in shoes with calfskin, high-quality cowhide of the first layer of leather and breathable pig skin inside, such a cortex luster good, good elasticity, good ventilation, feel fine, of course, the cost is high; the contrary, poor quality counterfeit increased shoes The use of general leather or mixed leather or even non-leather system, the shortcomings of airtight, inelastic, feel feel blunt, wear uncomfortable.

    2017-03-28 14:01:52
  • How can the muffled canvas shoes match?

    Matsushita shoes is a new form of high heels, with the resurgence of popular elements in the 1970s, this kind of sole thick like a cake like the shoes once again return to fashion circles, many fashion people have long been a pair of hands. Like punk wind friends, you can choose muffled canvas shoes and leather pants with, will make the overall more handsome handsome, and chic thick soles of the design, but also into a trace of casual leisure sense. How to choose a simple white T-shirt with a dark blue shirt, download nike shoes on sale the classic jeans to choose with white muffled canvas shoes, the whole look fresh, generous.

    In the cold winter, you can choose shorts + tights, coat with a thick coat, both warm and good-looking. Just like the model on the selection of white cotton jacket and white muffler shoes echo each other. With a black long eaves hat, full of personality.

    Plain and elegant with a more show the beauty of pure beauty and sweet temperament. Feet coupled with a pair of simple design and pants with the same pants canvas shoes, but also cover up the girls petite shortcomings, natural no carved the United States instantly emerge out. How can the muffled canvas shoes with such a simple match, but also very lethal.

    Then, give you recommend a simple and comfortable muffled canvas shoes with a simple color calm T-shirt, plus a casual denim shorts, coupled with a pair of such a muffled canvas shoes. The whole feeling of giving is a word: comfortable. This dress is always at home, or go out to play, will appear particularly relaxed and comfortable.

    Muffled shoes in the past two years again hot up, not only in the style to do a bold innovation, but also in the soles of materials is also the pursuit of relaxed and comfortable. On the muffled canvas shoes how to match? Matsuo shoes is very wild, and skirt, pants with a variety of styles can easily change.

    2017-03-27 13:40:28
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