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  • Pointed high heels + fishtail pants, is the big long legs

    160 girls do not wear high-legged pants by the pants was high, this year was wearing the strength was high, pointed high heels + fishtail pants, as if walking a mermaid, graceful grace is seductive, fashionable and unique, 160 girls put on an new nike shoes instant look Up 10 cm high, especially significant leg length, elegant and feminine, wear a good figure nine body, graceful figure shows. Are you still wearing silly wide leg pants? Popular this year, this fishtail trousers, like the mermaid-like trousers, to show the charming figure, stylish wild is very Western, put on the hip was thin legs, clever sister has been wearing, you also quickly try, with A pair of brisk high heels absolutely beautiful! Slit bell-bottomed pants design, unique and innovative, leading the fashion trend, chiffon fabric, wearing comfortable, reflecting the conscience of business production, Slim thin design, then sketched slender legs. The overall clear and smooth lines, simple and elegant, with high waist design, so that the lower body lines are more slender and beautiful, with cotton denim fabric to wear more comfortable. Trousers big horn design, lively and agile. Elasticity is very good, better wrapped around the buttocks, it is sexy and attractive, high waist design Slim was thin, upper body effect is particularly good, significant leg slender, slim skinny style, showing slender straight legs, eye-catching attractive.

    Superb self-cultivation cut, fit the waist clenched waist fat, shaping the charming hip curve, covering various leg defects. 3D three-dimensional cut, ergonomic design, effectively hide the thigh calf fat, significantly thin effect, comfortable and breathable. Popular fashion hot push tide brand, and in the pocket side zipper kobe shoes double pocket design, good sense of non-violation ~ ~, legs more comfortable and more lean. Very simple and stylish design. Elasticity is very good, better wrapped around the buttocks, it is sexy and attractive, high waist design Slim was thin, upper nike factory store body effect is particularly good, significant leg slender, slim skinny style, showing slender straight legs, eye-catching attractive.

    2017-11-17 10:28:09
  • Witness each step of growth, children's shoes to accompany you with progress!

    When the mother will know how high a child's cheap nike air max cost! Especially the growth stage of children, shoes bought today, a few months may no longer plug it in. Daily necessities update faster than the stomach eat faster! But you will still be happy to pay for it bored because they have witnessed the child's growth. Childhood is the best time for children, childlike innocence, growth troubles and joy, companionship is the longest confession, as parents, we silently stand behind the children, providing it with the best material security and Spiritual support, watching it step by step toward their own life. Know a determined parents, she will collect every pair of shoes during the growth of children, some have been mottled with years, but she is still tightly wrapped, she said that when the children grow up later to give all He told him that his parents accompanied you through every spring, winter, summer and winter. Yes, the birth and development of a life contains too many twists and turns, there are too many hidden stories, few people can record every detail, but we can collect those representative objects, , Witness the growth. For children ready for each stage of the shoes, they are every step of the child's testimony, some words, stop at the lips and teeth, cover the years, let the children's shoes to write, go through every step.

    Buckle simple leather boots, autumn and winter is essential for a pair of shoes, adhering to the nikes on sale characteristics of Martin boots thickened soles and warmth. Coupled with the convenient side zipper design and decorative buckle. Very spiritual simple! How to look will not be tired! Simple wild Velcro portable to wear off, thickening inside the cotton design, wearing comfortable, warm feet! Solid color design, fashion wild more Korean style. The use of leather and leather material made of white shoes, comfortable slip-resistant composite soles easy to wear off, designed for children, easy to exercise, running very light. Cozy breathable bionic caterpillar shoes, the use of fiber mesh and composite material at the end, a variety of colors can be freely paired, walking light, to protect the baby feet. Composite at the end of mesh fabric nike shop sneakers, comfortable inside, easy Velcro, easy to wear children off, safety foot design can be collision-proof, intimate a children's shoes. Synthetic leather new nike shoes made of sports shoes, spacious U-shaped toe, PU flexible upper, portable Velcro design, comfortable insoles, wearing more comfortable. Fall models for children wearing shoes, leather on the second floor as a surface, non-slip rubber soles, shoes with waterproof function, a sense of style is extremely strong, both casual and comfortable to wear.

    2017-11-15 10:21:18
  • Small girls concave shape personalized short boots
  • Small increase of "weapons", you sure do not look at it
  • Booties different toe, different styles
  • Different types of legs wearing different boots, you are suitable to wear that?
  • Section of the mind, step by step wonderful
  • Girls have five kinds of shoes, you into a few pieces?
  • Wearing high heels, one night cheap nike shoes change the goddess
  • Say that with the nike shoes on sale girls, are very beautiful Oh
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