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  • Fashion winter boots, warm fashion once get!

    In this winter, to say the most hottest wave of shoes, of course, winter boots is none other! How to pick this winter boots? The use of winter boots is very high, more and more styles of boots, whether you want a little woman's charming or neutral trend of tough and handsome, in this season it is both warm and comfortable and fashionable wild, really let people see Have to dizzying, and hurry to nike clearance store look at it! British retro female boots. It is a perfect inside the increase in boots, with a stealth 6Cm within the increase, the side of the double zipper, round design, to help face frosted leather, retro color, beautiful lines, never tired, when we first See this shoe when, has been deeply fascinated! Plus cashmere boots. Anti-velvet upper, ultra-soft thick plush, side zipper design simple and generous, the foot was significantly high, fashion wild. Choose a pair of comfortable and robust boots are imminent! Starting from the liberation of the feet, step by step to solve all the trouble, you have such a pair of shoes yet? Fine with scrub and bare boots. Boots nike discount store are indispensable for every woman in winter single product, whether it is with a long pants or short skirts, all look full of fashion. Comfortable is justified, take off the complicated gorgeous coat, is a simple no dress nude makeup boots, give you the most simple and uncomfortable feeling on the feet. Matte slope with knee boots. Winter wear easily bloated, relying on a pair of boots can help you create a thin legs boots is an indispensable winter nike free 5.0 for each woman a single product, whether it is with a long pants or short skirts, are fashion sense full. Such a boots in front of the heart is not as good as hurry up!

    Matte skin with female boots. This has always been a model in the boots, this boots fine line and the sound of the perfect match at the end of the rubber, the overall style is a word cool, two words burst! Whether it is chic or not sweet or soft and soft Meng Mengmei sister can be carefully matched according to their own temperament! Half is reckless, half is the intellectual nike shoes elegance, multi-faceted features as multiple of you, you can also benefit the family can also free and easy. Creative footwear design, care of the ankle is not afraid of grinding feet, full of vitality without losing vitality! Wearing it out may be shy, because it will attract too much attention haha! Wear out the end, and carefully build the achievements of the snow boots warm and not bloated, Wanli without losing the trend, delicate and more texture characteristics! Snow boots, you send friends, girlfriends, family, their best chance, really tall shoes, classic style, warm care, fashion type! As the winter is the most common kind of boots with, not a pair of warm snow boots how to do it? It is not only warm, and velvet, quite feel comfortable, and wild and simple. White stitching design, in the visual can also give people the feeling of warmth but also add a soft atmosphere! Classic in the classic, never out of fashion style, do not pick the age. Hairy thick, more color, shoes look better. Do not worry about wearing will become larger, tendon at the end of more non-slip! Adhere to the independent personality, adhere to the trend of self, with the same perspective is not the same thinking, expression of fashion and fashion elements of the interpretation of the trend!

    2017-05-24 11:22:03
  • Little thick legs do not look good? You need this shoe!

    There are a lot of sister obviously have a slim figure, beautiful face, can be happens to be too thick calf, but also muscle type, it is difficult to subtract, very sad people. So, on how to wear a small thick legs, Xiao Bian that choose a pair of good shoes is still very important! In fact, ah, small thick legs, the girl still has a lot of shoes can choose, such as popular in recent years with a small rough with, as well as retro Mary Jane shoes. Shoes not only fashionable generous, but also make your temperament looks better! So, today Xiaobian focus on everyone to recommend four to save the small legs of the shoes. Can not look down on the heel shoes Oh ~ it is the main brand this year, the darling of the fire from last spring to the present, there is still some truth. People instant gas field full, and good with, how to wear are fashionable!

    Sweet and the bow tie, so that this sandals nike free run full of playful sense; thick with, black nike shoes 5cm and 7.5cm two kinds of height optional; there are many kinds of colors, and always meet you like that ~ Of the Mary Jane shoes, the reason why can be mixed in the fashion circle for so lebron 14 many years, not because of cute and generous, ladies avant-garde better wear! Retro Mary Jane word buckle round head with a single shoes. Custom rubber outsole, high-quality patent leather, comfortable and wear better look; small and lovely shoes, how can take; 3.5cm height, everyone can control, and walking is not tired feet.

    Shallow mouth rough grinding Mary Jane shoes. Toe for a round shape, suitable for more foot type, comfortable and easy to wear; two strap buckle add design sense, so that shoes do not look so monotonous; a variety of colors optional Oh ~ must each girl began to learn Wearing high heels, are starting from a pair of coarse heel it ~ walking is not tired feet, to avoid a lot of embarrassment, the most important thing is to show legs fine, who will not love it? Toe-to-toe buckle with sandals. Selection of enamel leather as a uppers, soft care, but also more beautiful ~ simple atmosphere of a shoe, the foot is very obvious texture of the kind, how to wear are good-looking. Sandals because of its comfortable and easy to wear, go out only three seconds by the characteristics of the small fairies were loved. This pointed rough with slippers is absolutely lazy essential ~ easy to wear off at the same time without losing elegance, it seems not so casually. In the rough with the basis of, and joined nike sale the strap design, more sweet, so more suitable for girls ~ will be wrapped around the ankle, there is a sub-Xianqi on this, absolutely able to help you pocketed the rate!

    Lotus leaf flowers plus strap design, this born with romantic temperament exposed toe thick with sandals beautiful people can not move eyes. 6cm height, walking more secure and comfortable; the overall use of high-quality leather, high-end, on the grade!

    2017-05-23 11:13:12
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