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  • Peas shoes, piercing different fashion style!

    Peas shoes origin, from its soles and heels on the heel of 133 rubber small particles, like a small peas. Its stylish design elegant, simple and lightweight. Stovepipe weapon, not just soft, but also a new experience, plus wool plush comfortable warm, smooth lines, feet absolutely beautiful to burst, it is very delicate, and very comfortable Oh! Comfortable toe, strong wear, anti-kick anti-collision, ergonomic design of the toe, fit foot type, comfortable walking, high-quality breathable inside, soft texture, comfortable, sweat breathable, rubber outsole, wear non-slip. Super good foot feeling, was white was thin Whether it is casual shopping or party! Regardless of the weekend are you can nike sale be simple and generous design with denim skirt pants are so elegant and beautiful! Personality of the toe design, neat, simple yet elegant, stylish design of the inside, so that the whole pair of shoes more rich texture, followed by artificial physiology design, so that the whole pair of shoes more aesthetic, comfort.

    Round toe, showing arc-shaped, fit foot type, so that the force evenly to the toes, sets of feet design, flat design, so that the overall wear in the feet when the flexibility to control the elastic, made of high quality materials, flat heel comfortable and smooth. The weather is cool, and cheap nike sneakers now black nike shoes just wear, the upper feel soft and comfortable leather material, rich texture, clear lines, the feet are also very docile, very skin-friendly, hand-sewn, exquisite nike running shoes workmanship. Featured high-grade fabric as raw materials, has a good softness and aesthetics, shoes inside, the use of high-quality materials processed, sweat breathable, wearing warm and comfortable. Big round head to give enough space toe, Mark line neatly arranged, so that the shoes are more durable, textile fabric material, delicate soft, resistant to wear and tear.

    2017-10-18 10:21:33
  • Slippers fashion, from the different start!

    Traditional impression, the slippers have been inflows of the existence, not on the hall, but also can not under the kitchen, occasionally bright phase, to convey the slovenly or loose spirit. Only this year nike shoes men is not the same, debut on a pair of valiantly aggressive posture, seems to be prepared.

    Slippers fashion by, from the different start. How cheap nike sneakers powerful the imagination, the type of color is rich, in the face of a never-ending concept, how to create a classic, it has become a desperate need to solve the slippers, no doubt, black and white with the response is in place. If the color is taken with a simple low-key similar color, used to highlight the different points can only be found from other aspects. Must be admitted that the upper is a place to work hard, casually Lou empty, will be very unique. And hollow this from the upper itself to start the process of different, additional elements of the slippers seem to have a wider audience base, especially the diamond, the style is generally to almost all women can control, that is not critical. Although the season has been clear to completely do not need rabbit hair out of unscrupulous active, but how can the rabbit hair has been willing to go behind the scenes it? The stealing the mirror or to steal the spotlight, even if it is refreshing slippers is no exception.

    Rabbit slippers enough personality, but unfortunately, not all women are accepted. Really do not like too exaggerated style it does not matter, a little retro some slippers on the very good, hemp straw design, low-key and eye-catching, worth having. Muller slippers of heat, as long as visiting the street, should be able to feel, hot to not, specifically how popular is not deep study, anyway, is not important, it is important that absolutely can not be wronged his feet. Tell the truth, slippers evolution of the highest state is to let a woman forget it is slippers, it sounds like a fairy tale, cheap nike sneakers but it is not difficult to practice. Perfect arc, perfect curve, perfect workmanship, perfect nike discount store comparable works of art, such slippers, of course, more than just slippers.

    2017-10-16 10:21:47
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