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  • Sandals of the little black dress, the word with sandals in the end how beautiful

    Have slender legs is the dream of every woman, if this summer must choose a pair of It shoes, then it must be non-word with sandals none other! If this summer can only buy a pair of sandals, then decided to choose the word with it. Absolutely make you white and thin! Slim words is the most classic style, suitable for thin legs thin thin the best body of the girl. From the visual point of view, the strip is more light than the coarse belt, the larger area of ??the bare makes the feet more visually full. The two thin bands convey the simplicity nike shop and elegance, which is the most fascinating place of the word. Simple style of the striped sandals almost any style of the skirt can hold live. Summer will inevitably wear colorful, complex pattern of printing, a pair of simple thin belt with sandals to ensure enough style but not grab the limelight.

    Strip is more elegant than the coarse belt. But do not think that slender and female man is not Ga Ga. Fine with a pants with the same nike clearance look, but also fashionable and reckless. If you really do not belong to the slim and tall, even the thigh slightly thick calf slightly strong, try to avoid too much with the thigh with a thin sandals, legs thicker girls, nike clearance do not try too thin belt sandals. Xiao Bian relatively like a little bit of the tape, always feel too thin tape looks a little mother. Coarse tape is more comfortable.

    If last year's word is the more detailed the better, then this year must be rough with the style of the most tide! Through the kind of more than 10cm with a word with a thin sandals people know that it is a bold and easy to move in recent years, the trend is comfortable and comfortable and comfortable, has always been cold with a word with sandals can also choose Rough with the style, compared to fine with, really good to go a lot. Skinny white girl in the color of the shoes almost no restrictions. But white, is to be white nike shoes for sale and healthy white. No color of the pale or try not to try bright red, try to choose color or metallic color, color gloss can effectively reduce the sense of pale. If you still have the choice of fear of color that did not hesitate to choose black it! Black is the all-around player, the most wild, you can with pants chic and capable, you can dress with sexy sexy enchanting.

    2017-05-26 10:57:39
  • Wearing a small white shoes? Comfortable fashionable music brand worth a try

    Wearing a small white shoes, comfortable fashionable Carrefour shoes is a good choice, a pedal wear off the way, presumably a lot of lazy girl will like. Whether it is straight jeans, or denim skirt; whether it is daily, or the workplace, a pair of Lok Fu shoes will be able to easily enhance your sense of fashion, cheap nikes so you confident out of the street. Patent leather upper, dotted mottled texture design, with a touch of shiny, the feet even more creak Ga. Ultra-fine fiber inside, soft and comfortable, perspiration breathable, to avoid the boring foot smelly feet. Black upper, embellished to do the old square metal buckle, bring out a bit Sven retro feel. Thick rubber outsole, made a fine shading design, more anti-skid wear-resistant, 4cm thick with, comfortable not tired feet, easy to pick high. Pu uppers, soft and delicate, comfortable feet, with pu inside and insoles, easy moisture perspiration, so keep your feet dry. Upper embellishment, round metal buckle, an increase of the overall texture, more refined and simple. Can be folded heel, comfortable not grinding feet, both as a pedal of the shoes, can also be used as a slippers to wear. Wear-resistant non-slip rubber outsole, so you smooth and comfortable walking every step.

    Pu uppers, delicate texture, soft and comfortable feet. Pu inside and insoles, perspiration breathable, to avoid the feet damp stuffy feet. The upper embellishment at the same time leather material stitching design, low-key but there is no sense of hierarchy, revealing the details of the design. Thick rubber outsole, made a bumpy texture design, more anti-skid wear. Delicate texture, pany with a touch of light, with a nike sneakers black base, and embellishment of metal accessories, the foot is more texture type. Square of the toe, comfortable not grinding feet, more gas field. Pu's upper and inside, effective moisture perspiration, keep your feet dry. Thick rubber outsole, made a fine texture design, non-slip wear a lot, with a little high-heel, look taller. A pedal of the way off, there should be a lot of girls will like. The first layer of leather upper, texture fresh and full, pany light matte texture, configuration to brown base, and do the old metal accessories, brought out a few pieces of retro art Fan. The first layer of pigskin inside, perspiration breathable, so keep your feet dry and comfortable. Can be folded heel, free change shoes or slippers, real wear stronger. Flexible rubber outsole, anti-skid wear resistant twists and turns, so you walk smoothly every step.

    Patent leather upper, full of luster, dotted with metal color accessories, more eye-catching eyes. The first layer of pigskin inside, delicate soft, comfortable feet do not boring feet, so keep your feet dry all day. Thick rubber outsole, made a bumpy texture design, toughness soft, have a certain resilience, comfortable feet uncomfortable feet. The first layer of leather upper, cork soft and delicate, pany faint matte texture, with the first layer of leather inside, easy sweat breathable, not boring feet are not smelly feet. Square toe, upper embellishment to nike discount store do the old sense of metal buckle, with a small rough with the design, piercing the modern nike clearance girl's temperament. Thick rubber outsole, made a fine shading design, non-slip wear, so you smooth and comfortable walking. Before watching the girl on the street, are all small white shoes, a long time really do not have any new ideas, and occasionally try Le Fu shoes, to their own dress to point the same point, although not a fun girl, but to Learn to be a little sister to wear ah.

    2017-05-25 11:00:47
  • Fashion winter boots, warm fashion once get!
  • Little thick legs do not look good? You need this shoe!
  • Can be fresh, sports shoes, I canvas shoes
  • 2017 women's fashion with artifacts, small white shoes magical effect
  • Do not spend money, so that your home old slippers turned the latest!
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