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  • So the shoes of the original so much harm, I was scared to read

    But also nikes on sale to the summer of this hot season, many people began to purchase a lot of shoes! In fact, buy shoes have a lot of knowledge! A pair of shoes inappropriate not only affect our comfort in the trip, and it may bring some health problems! A lot of crush selection shoes first look at its appearance, or this year the shoes are popular, then it will affect our health, it is automatically ignored! In fact, this issue should be everyone's attention! Vigilance! Women wear the wrong shoes of the first three cases: the foot weight unreasonable heel is too high, such as nike shoes sale more than 7 cm, the front nike air max sale foot weight will increase, up to 80% of body weight, resulting in forefoot pain; Heel height is 2-4 cm, when the front and rear foot weight of about 50%, the foot will feel more comfortable. Look at the soles of the feet, from the middle of the heel straight to draw a straight line, should be the soles of the floor area, so that both sides of the force inside and outside evenly. Otherwise, the side will be due to excessive stress and other problems. Second: the energy of the shoe cushion weak soles or too thin, the impact of the ground directly on the foot, so that the foot easy fatigue, strain. The third: shoes on the foot of the squeeze and friction If the length or width of the shoe is insufficient, the toes and so on caused by extrusion, friction, will create a bitter situation, the course of time will make the lesion lesions.

    See the highlights of the shoes? There is a small fresh feeling of wood? Warm, very cordial! Of course, remove the lovely, fresh, beautiful appearance, there are some small secret - comfortable! Comfortable feeling reflected in the details of the manufacture, the design of the arc so that we walk more comfortable, off the high heels, you need a pair of fatigue can be released home slippers! Rubber texture, radian design, fresh appearance, to meet your shoes non-slip, comfortable, beautiful requirements! When you come home from work, put on a pair of comfortable home slippers, feel the feeling of relaxation, so beautiful start from home! Work professional women, wearing a pair of high heels, both show tall body, but also can reflect a person's mental outlook, said heels can enhance a person's temperament, but because of the long working hours, the comfort of shoes let a lot of crush Confused! This pair of high heels is designed for professional women black nike shoes work Oh! Equipped with full contact with insole, so that your beauty feel full of comfort, not grinding feet, sweat, anti-skid and beautiful, is the choice of women's conscience Oh!

    2017-07-21 10:55:11
  • A pair of high heels let you make an elegant queen

    Wearing a high heels of women, posture tall and straight, calf charming, thighs have become tight, and even the waist is also a lot of soft. Wearing high heels of women, walking like a proud swan, elegant neck. Heel side to see, there will be a curvature, such as the ups and downs of the mountains, there are self-cultivation effect, enhance the feminine. The farther away from the ground, discount nike shoes the more towards the perfect woman. One word buckle with toe fine with high heels. This is a nike factory outlet net red section, simple atmosphere, next to the embellishment of a small sexy. Whether it is spring or summer this can bring a good try to feel, high comfort, coupled with the color with a variety, almost impeccable. Small incense with the word buckle high heels. Heel is a short heel, open toe, foot feeling is also very good, the word to bring the bead is a bright spot. Cushion, comfortable and nike outlet breathable, long walking is also pleasant and natural. Commuter wear, dating wear, banquet wear is definitely not a problem.

    Sexy shallow mouth high heels. High-end, atmospheric, sexy and comfortable set in one. Was thin, white, on the foot of a beautiful ride a US shoes. The season's most popular small tip with fine high-heel called perfect. Have it you feel perfect, must love it. Europe and the United States fashion super high with water fish mouth sandals. Nightclub fashion international range of high-heeled sandals, features a buckle of the diamond, simple nike sale but not simple. Xiuwai Huizhong shoes, highlight the charm of temperament.

    2017-07-20 11:08:46
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